Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Ash Blue  


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08/03/2021 3:53 am  

While highlight colorways of YEEZYs drop frequently, based around neon strips or reflective uppers, the iteration may not be top of the eye-catcher list, but this is what we’re really loving about it. As the desire for neutral colors in all aspects of the wardrobe grows at the hands of Kanye, Kim, and Travis Scott, extending the wearable palette down to your feet seems like a no-brainer, especially when the silhouette is a ready-made classic.

Relative to its mock-up, the colorway is far lighter, less indigo-tinged than what was originally assumed. Across its stripes, Adidas Sneakers Yellow hits of a bright yellow score from front to back, accenting against a weave that sections itself off in three different patterns. By the forefoot, the Primeknit is thick, gridded somewhat in look, while the back and the collar arrive more flat, their titular blues offset by threads of white. Below, in complement to the palette above, the sole’s slight translucence is tinted shades lighter, the Boost within visible all across.

Across the entire construction, the model essentially bears three different swatches. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Ash Blue upper half highlights diagonally with weaves of coral shading, while the middle stripe hits its mesh with a light brown, one near identical in shade to the midsole. Farther below, the Primeknit becomes more varied in texture, though it does so with the titular Sand Taupe; matching laces then finish atop with the addition of a topmost lacelock.

Arriving this Saturday, the colorway will hit both the 100% Authentic adidas App and a select range of retailers. Its scheme, which seems to hark to a few past standouts, leads vehemently with earth tones, each panel a shade of brown or clay. At the top line, threads of the latter steal the spotlight, though they’re quickly offset by stripes accented with grey and a lower half entirely constructed of browned weaves. The tooling, laces, and lining also dress down, the bottom only marginally more unique in its dark-tinted, embedded portion.


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