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Bluoxyn with little pore. So what they mean is, it's basically got to do with temperature. When it's hot, your skin as an organ expands, and it will like magnify that hole which is the pore. And then when it's cold it will contract. And so what face steaming does is it's basically using hot steam, and opening your pore so that it will loosen the debris that's actually filling the pore inside, which is like dirt, oil, whiteheads, blackheads and (that makes) it easier to do things like extraction. And it helps the products that we apply after to absorb a lot better, (and) a lot more effectively when our pore is nice and clean. So here's how you want to do face steaming at home. Fill your sink with hot water. You can boil some, but hot water from the tap works perfectly fine as well. Then you want to cover your head 



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