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Even though lots of the character models look fairly good in terms of design and detail Tera Gold, the worlds themselves are somewhat bland in that department, and seldom bring you some designs or aesthetics you haven't seen a thousands times before. That having been said, I would not say any of the worlds dungeons quite cross over into dull territory. For as detailed and intriguing as the characters could be, I feel as if it's an unusual juxtaposition to perform them in this bland-looking world.

That is not to say there's not diversity in the regions though, there certainly is, I just could not help but notice how shallow they ultimately are. Nevertheless, a great deal of the effects are nice and really make me appreciate them, particle effects during battle particularly. I say some though, because every time I see something that I enjoy, I see something else that looks like it would have made more sense in a match from a decade ago. So overall the presentation ends up being fairly mixed, with nothing actually blowing my mind one way or another, however I do lean toward favorability of the graphics considering how old the game is and how well it seems to be holding up compared to other, newer games in the genre concerning detail and design.

The technical performance of TERA itself does not fair too though, using a inexcusably inconsistent frame-rates that probably bring the ordinary FPS to below 30, and rampant texture and asset pop up even on the Playstation 4 ace. When the action slows down the operation surely improves, but once things get busy, as they often do, expect the sport to begin chugging quite a bit. Thankfully, even though I discovered the operation drops unpleasant to look at, the gameplay mostly remained in-tact and that is what really matter I suppose. I have heard plenty of talk about crashes, but personally, in my own experience, I rarely struck. There is also a pretty good number of skills to dive right into, which is fine. Lots of gold can be had without a lot of grinding, and the ps4 tera gold skills are for the most part fun to detect and learn as soon as you obtain access to them. On top of this, there's plenty of weapon skins other decorative alternatives for items, if you enjoy that type of thing.


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